ThreadStart - Phase 2 summary

01 March 20212 Min Read

I’ve now also completed Phase 2 of building in public. A week of learning, shipping, ups & downs (but mostly ups this time!).

The most important question first:

Yes. I got one subscriber. In fact, several.


You can check out some of the threads of Phase 2 here.

Day 5/7

Day 6/7

I made it. I wrote the logic necessary to publish threads. I finished up the UI. I launched it in time. And finally, I got my first user before the end of the day. The goal was achieved.

Besides this target, I’ve had a ton of fun. Chatted with lots of people rooting for me. Received an incredible amount of love on launch day. And learned a lot about the amazing #buildinpublic family on Twitter.

I showed myself that building the raw version of ones app is possible in a week. And that progression into something bigger is just a series of tiny steps.

One weeks is not a lot of time. This meant prioritizing and making compromises. I did not get to some features, such as the templates and moving fast meant releasing very unpolished things. Sometimes the UI was a bit wonky, other times nasty bugs crept into the app.

Things you don’t want to see in something released to the public. On the upside these issues made it obvious what had to be done the coming days. Fixing bugs and making sure the application runs smooth for all my users.

And considering all of it was done in a week. I’d say the results are pretty good.

These are the numbers of the one week sprint:

  • 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 visitors: 1200
  • 📨 subscribers: 26
  • ⏱ build time: 47 hours
  • 👩‍💻users: 16
  • 💰 sales: 0€

The next step is Phase 3. It’s going to start in March and this time I’ll have 30 days to get a customer.

This is going to be the 🔥 phase where I have to find product market fit and earn at least 1$.

Which means to focus must be on providing enough value for a person out there to pay for threadstart.

If you want to join, head over to Twitter and make sure to follow me.